55 days ago

I created Nemorensia. She’s a Blood Elf Rogue. Today, I’m a level 65.

But enough about me.

My alter ego has some odd brows and an offensive waif-like body. She’s a brutal warrior, however. My youngest son calls her ‘beefy’. Which is hard to connect with a character that looks like a toothpick. But she can kick some boootay.

This week, we finally had enough birthdays and reasons to spend the cash that everyone has their own accounts

With that, I referred my youngest son and am the proud owner of a two person rocket. Anyone I’m playing with can ride with me. I can also summon him to me from wherever he is in the game but that’s for another post.

Pingofdeath (7 years old) and I were tooling around the Arathi highlands yesterday looking for his next quest. Somehow the rocket disappeared. I DROPPED MY SON FROM THE SKY.

Of course, it’s a video game. That didn’t stop me from screaming.

My son screamed, too.

He healed me, we re-mounted, laughed a little at the ridiculousness of it, and continued on. Life is good!